1. NETCORE router failure solution  by enrique1985
    As the router industry development, router technology update is also driven, here we mainly discuss some common problems of NETCORE router, under this circumstance, you need to recover the router settings as factory default settings, any router conf
  2. Failure elimination for all kinds of laser printers  by enrique1985
    Why laser printer always has problems? Why we can do nothing when there’s problem? Not willing to accept the reality? Well, follow me, teach you how to find the failure cause and cure your machine! Canon laser printer’s common prompt and
  3. The page I opened half always shows script error and I don  by enrique1985
    This problem occurs because the HTML source code can’t use client-side script (such as Microsoft JScript or Visual basic script) working correctly. This problem may occur because one of the following reasons: • HTML source code of web pa
  4. Must know that five key points of using WinRAR  by enrique1985
    WinRAR is the software that a lot of users are using, but many users just use WinRAR to doing simple decompressing and compressing operations, and they are not very concerned about more advanced skills in the process of using the WinRAR software tod
  5. Ten Tips To Strengthen System Security  by enrique1985
    1. Look over the local shared resources When running CMD and typing “net share”, if you see something shared unusual, you should turn it off. But sometimes you power it on the next time they appear there again after you turn the shared o
  1. Five points to start using brand new laptop  by enrique1985
    1. Rebuild hard disk partitions Most new laptops have entire disk as one partition, even there are more, the original disk partition is quite irrational. For the sake of manage data conveniently, after buying back the laptop, the first thing many us
  2. Win7 enables manager   by enrique1985
    Usually, press F8 to enter safe mode, but if you miss the time incautiously to press, then you’d have to restart, which is quite troublesome. How to add “Safe mode” to boot menu? In Windows XP, you could directly edit boot.ini file
  3. Whether these 10 cool events would let you mind disturbed by virtualization?  by enrique1985
    Virtualization is not only for “geeks” or the users with high performance servers running. It could provide beneficial helps for anybody. If you haven’t been relevant with the edge of virtualization, then you might be a little behi
  4. 16 principles of system reinstallation  by enrique1985
    Whether need to reinstall system, three rules to help you decide: If there is one of the next situations happening to system, then it’s the time for you to consider reinstalling system: 1. System running efficiency turns lower, garbage files a
  5. Four quite excellent ways to recognize virus files  by enrique1985
    When we kill viruses with antivirus software, usually we would detect many “viruses”, and many people would rather to kill all than to let go one innocent, they would like to delete all detected “viruses”. Actually it’s
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