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24 hours online support we repair all types of laptops and relating to LCD screen, motherboard, DC adapter, power supplies and so much more! The shop reliable laptop repair in Ottawa area since 1995. Repair your laptop as easy as 1-2-3 !
Data Recovery Services
We are able to diagnose and recover information from a variety of damaged storage medias such as hard drive, USB key, memory stick, smart media... etc. We use unique strategy and procedure to diagnose disk fault and recover information from systems that other companies have pronounced unrecoverable.
Live DIY
1. LCD Screen repair
2. CD /DVD /DVD-RW refit
3. laptop mouse pad repair
4. No spin hard drive repair
5. Hard drive caddy refit
6. Laptop inverter Repair
7. DC Power Jack Replace
8. Flex data cable repair
9. LCD Screen Replace Repair
10. Laptop USB adapter repair
11. Wireless socket repair
12. PCMCIA Slot repalcement
13. Audio Socket repair
14. Ethernet socket repair
15. LCD backlight replacement
16. laptop Cleaning remove dust
17. Data Recovery HDD Repair
18. Battery no Charger repair
19. laptop overheating repair
20. Touch pad repair
21. Password remove from XP
22. BIOS Replacement
Training Courses
* Follow me and learn how to repair computer you will become an expert today!
* Practical Courses Multimedia skills
* Anti-hack and system security
* So much more! Starts from $2.99+
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Laptop repair tutorial section
      Lift up the CPU by the edges. Be careful, there are a lot of fragile pins on the opposite side of the CPU. You should be able to install the CPU back into the socket without any force.
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